A hot air balloon ride step-by-step

Before the ride

Before taking off, the pilots make sure that the weather conditions are optimal: clear and, ideally, sunny; free of precipitation; and most importantly, with a wind lower than 20 km/hr / 12 mi/hr. That is why the confirmation of your ride will only be made the day before it is scheduled, at the earliest. In case of poor weather conditions, we will propose postponing the flight to a later date of your choice. There are no medical contraindications (except for pregnancy, sorry), but we do request that you inform of us any illness or handicap that might make a difference in the flight or your physical condition. On the other hand, if you’re generally “afraid of heights”, not to worry… The balloon is completely untethered, and like electricity, vertigo needs a conductive wire! We recommend casual clothing: trousers or jeans (obligatory); flat, closed shoes (high heels and sandals are prohibited in our balloons); and a cap. Since the air temperature above is very similar to the ground temperature, you’ll be comfortable in clothes that are suitable for the season.

Pilots prepared for the ride of your life

On the day of the flight

Hot air balloon rides are conducted at dawn and at dusk, to avoid thermal winds and enjoy the most beautiful light; the scheduled times depend on the times of sunrise and sunset, which vary according to the season. The entire experience lasts about three hours, when you’ll be brought back to the meeting point. First, our team drives you to one of our take-off platforms – chosen according to the wind speed and direction – in a 4X4. If your friends would like to watch you take off, they are welcome to do so, but they must respect the safety instructions.

The adventure begins

At the take-off site

The team arranges the basket on the ground, and then the pilot in command holds a technical briefing and provides safety instructions. The balloon is then fastened to the basket and rolled out along the grass. The pilot uses a fan to fill the balloon. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill it completely with air. Once it is full, it is then heated by the burners, which are fuelled by propane gas. As soon as the air within the envelope becomes hotter (and therefore lighter) than the air outside, it begins to rise very slowly, followed by the basket. At this moment, the pilot invites you to climb aboard, and provides you with a few last recommendations. It’s almost time for take-off…

Lift-off: A spectacular moment

During the ride

After an exquisitely gentle take-off, you’re off for a magical, unforgettable adventure. The path is not determined in advance, since it depends on the wind. The hot air balloon cannot be steered, so the take-off location choice is very important: it enables you to enjoy the trajectory likely to offer you a view of the most beautiful landscapes. You’ll enjoy the majestic charm of a hot air balloon ride, brushing against the tops of the trees, skimming the clouds, in an astounding silence interrupted now and again by the flame of the burner. Each ride is unique, offering wonders at every turn.

Weightless wonder

After the ride

After approximately one hour of flight, it is time to prepare for landing… Touching back down is a very gentle process. The “balloon hunter” crew member will be there, and you might lend a hand to stow the balloon away. With so much thrill in the air, a refreshment is a welcome chance to share your impressions of the ride at breakfast or during the “hot air balloonist’s toast”. It is then time to head back to the meeting place in a 4X4 and say goodbye, filled with the wonder of the sights you’ve seen… Each ride is a special, unique experience. Our young, dynamic, professional team makes every effort to share with you the treasures of our region, passing along their enthusiasm. We look forward to flying with you soon!

The traditional balloonist’s toast

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